2nd floor A taste of Vienna

Vienna’s Famous Cuisine

Vienna is delicious: a serving of Viennese cooking

The 2nd floor of your Vienna hotel, The Capri, is especially delectable: here you’ll find out all about  the city’s world-famous cuisine. A typical Vienna menu reads like a who’s who of the eclectic regional cuisines of the former Austro-Hungarian empire. All of these have left their mark in the kitchens of Austria’s capital.

Traditional Austrian sausage with mustard

Viennese Würstlstand

A Debreziner? A frankfurter? Or even a sausage filled with cheese? The Würstelstand, or sausage stall, is an integral part of Vienna’s streetscape – they’ve saved many a night owl from starvation.

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Ivy grows high in the Heurigen

Viennese Heuriger

You can recognise an authentic Heuriger wine tavern by the “Ausg’steckt” sign and the sprig of pine hanging above the entrance. Find out more about this iconic part of traditional Viennese gastronomy.

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market in the streets of Vienna

Vienna Markets

The busy Naschmarkt is the king of Vienna’s markets – not just for its colourful, international food stands, but also for its hip eateries with delicious cuisine. But the city’s other vibrant markets are more than worth exploring, such as the Karmelitermarkt, not far from The Capri hotel, or the Brunnenmarkt.

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Culinary diversity in Vienna

Viennese Cuisine

Many different countries have had an influence on Viennese cooking. Apple strudel, Sachertorte, boiled beef Tafelspitz, Wiener schnitzel and more are all a delight for the palate.

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Drinking coffee in one of the many coffee houses in Vienna

Vienna’s Coffeehouses

Nowhere else in the world is the list of coffee specialties as long as you’ll find on the menus of Vienna’s cafes: Verlängerter (an espresso with added water plus milk), kleiner Brauner (espresso with milk), Melange (espresso with frothed milk), Häferlkaffee (a mug of coffee with milk), großer Schwarzer (double espresso) or Fiaker (coffee with rum and whipped cream)… These are just some of the varieties to choose from. The first coffeehouses opened after the second Turkish occupation of Vienna in 1683 – Café Frauenhuber is said to be the city’s oldest. Around the end of the 19th century cafes became the meeting place and public “living rooms” of Vienna’s artists and intellectuals.

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Viennese Beisl

Viennese Beisl

Definitely cosier than a sausage stand but still known for its simple, down-to-earth decor, the Beisl is the Viennese amalgam of pub, gasthaus and bistro.

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Austrian Kaiserschmarrn with jam

Sweet Vienna

No coffeehouse visit and no meal is complete without Vienna’s delectable pastries and cakes. From apple strudel to Sachertorte or Kaiserschmarren, the choice is overwhelming. Pancakes, or Palatschinken – the name comes from the Hungarian – prepared in a variety of ways are also much-loved.

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Enjoy wine at the Wiener Heurigen

Viennese Wine

Did you know that Vienna is the only international capital city to produce wines inside its city limits? An Achterl (1/8 litre) or a glass of gemischter Satz, a true Viennese speciality, is best savoured in the unique ambience of a Heuriger wine tavern or a centuries-old cellar.

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Right from the moment you arrive at The Capri hotel you’ll begin to discover fascinating, intriguing Viennese tales, with a different theme on each floor, to give you lots of inspiration when you’re exploring the city. Each one of our rooms has its own stories and pictures – pick your favourite room and book your holiday in Vienna now! We’re looking forward to seeing you.