The Capri: 100% chemical-free cleaning with micro steam

Natural cleaning, professional disinfection, eco-friendly, healthy, safe

We adopted a new cleaning system and took the standards for hygiene at The Capri to a whole new level: 100% professional cleaning and disinfection, 100% chemical-free, 100% eco-friendly. How’s that possible? Micro dry steam is the key. The Wellbeing Experts at The Capri clean the entire hotel with micro dry steam cleaning technology. This means we tackle dirt and germs at over 180 °C (360 °F) and under the pressure of over 9 bar. Without the use of chemicals or cleaning agents.

The extremely hot steam is a powerful disinfectant; it effectively kills viruses, germs and bacteria – in a 100 % healthy and eco-friendly way. Thus we can guarantee that your room has been deep cleaned and is free from chemical residue caused by conventional cleaning. Micro dry steam cleaning technology has also been tested and proven effective against the coronavirus. For a perfectly hygienic environment!

More than just hot air: Micro Steam Power against dirt and germs

Not all steam is the same. The micro steam generated by our devices has nothing in common with the steam from conventional steam cleaners. To be more precise, it’s micro dry steam. Micro dry steam is extremely hot at 185 °C to more than 200 °C (365 °F to 390+ °F). In comparison: conventional steam cleaners don’t reach more than 100 to 120 °C or 210 to 250 °F, respectively. This hot and dry steam comes with powerful blasting pressures of 9 to 10 bars; it efficiently and thoroughly eliminates dirt, residue, bacteria, viruses and germs.

100% clean

Chemical-based cleaning products always leave residue behind – no matter how painstakingly one wipes and cleans. This residue leads to faster soiling. Dirt clings on it even better, making it the perfect environment for new germs and bacteria. Not at The Capri! Thanks to the saturated dry steam we are able to deep clean the entire hotel without residue left behind. At the same time the super heated steam sanitizes and disinfects and kills germs, viruses and bacteria. The result: a clinical level of hygiene. No wonder many doctors and hospitals count on micro dry steam when it comes to cleaning their establishments.

100% healthy

Cleaning detergents are some of the main triggers for allergies and respiratory problems. The daily exposure to cleaning agents may even cause lung damage. The decision to switch The Capri’s cleaning system to micro steam was a decision in favour for the health of our guests and our staff. Our guests can now enjoy an absolutely allergy friendly environment: The chemical-free micro dry steam cleaning standard at The Capri gives no chance to allergies caused by chemicals, mites or the like. Last but not least, our Wellbeing Experts also benefit from a healthy, chemical-free working environment.

100% eco-friendly

No chemicals, no plastic waste, efficient use of water – it only needs a few words to sum up the environmental benefits of micro steam cleaning. Do we need to say more?


Enjoy the chemical-free environment and experience the power of micro steam. Send us a no-obligation enquiry or book your room right here.