COVID-19 hotel safety & hygiene

For a healthy stay in Vienna

At our hotel The Capri, standards for safety and hygiene are always very high. And they have to be: guests and staff can only feel comfortable in a safe and clean environment.

In addition, safety and hygiene standards are subject to a variety of strict official regulations. In the current situation, there are also clear guidelines and recommendations from the Austrian government regarding hygiene and social distancing. We adhere to these and implement them diligently.

We’re closely monitoring developments – if additional measures are necessary, we will of course respond accordingly and inform you immediately.

If there’s anything you’re unsure of, don’t hesitate to contact us or talk to us anytime. The prescribed distancing won’t affect our hospitality. Our team will make sure your stay at The Capri – Vienna’s first hotel to operate according to the Economy for the Common Good – is an unforgettable experience.


At least 2m distanceSocial distancing

Together at a distance: Even though we’d like to get closer to you, we’re keeping to the prescribed minimum distance of 2 metres, in order to protect us all as well as possible. In addition, we’ve installed plexiglass shields at our reception to ensure more safety for everyone.

Please maintain at least 2 metres distance to other guests and to our staff. You’ll find appropriate markings in the reception area for better orientation.


Max. 1 person in the elevatorLift/Elevator

Alone in the lift: Our lift is effective and convenient – but not very big. We therefore ask you to only use the elevator alone or with someone you know personally.

Alternatively, you can stay fit by using the stairs. Make the most of the opportunity to get to know The Capri team better, either through the pictures of their favourite spots in Vienna, or in person. Our staff also only take the lift in exceptional circumstances.


Wash or sanitize handsHand hygiene & coughing etiquette

Your safety is in your hands: Make the most of every opportunity to wash or disinfect your hands. Hand disinfectant dispensers are available in all of our public areas. The eco-certified soap in our bathrooms cleanses thoroughly with skin-nurturing plant extracts.

Please sneeze or cough into a tissue or the crook of your arm, and avoid touching your face.



DisinfectionDisinfection & cleaning

Dirt and viruses don’t stand a chance: In view of the current situation, we’ve turned our already very high cleaning standards up another notch. We clean and disinfect all public areas in the hotel, in particular handrails, door knobs, lift buttons and metal surfaces, systematically several times daily.

Naturally, the same care also goes into room cleaning. Thanks to the deep cleansing power of our sustainable micro-steam devices, we do it completely without the aid of chemicals. We proudly tell you more about that here – but even better, see for yourself at the hotel.

After checkout, every room is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and aired, and is left unoccupied for 24 hours. We have our bed linen and towels washed and ironed by an ISO-certified Vienna company.


Fresh air

A breath of fresh air: All the windows at The Capri can be opened for ventilation. We make good use of that, and we invite you to do the same.

As far as possible, we leave our doors open to allow for a good flow of air. That also reduces the necessity of touching surfaces. It goes without saying that we ensure our air-conditioning system is professionally cleaned and serviced.



One team, one goal: All of our staff have been intensively and comprehensively trained and are familiar with our hygiene measures. The wellbeing of our guests has always been our highest priority – together with that of our staff.

As a team we have a common responsibility: to you as our guest, to each other, to the people around us, and to the common good. This philosophy is also reflected in the conscientious implementation of our safety and hygiene standards.


Face maskMouth-nose protection

A different kind of fashion accessory: Wherever and whenever required, our staff wear an FFP2-mask. In addition, they’re also free to wear a nose and face covering any time they wish.

Our guests are required to also wear an FFP2-mask in all public areas of the hotel (lobby, corridors etc.). Children from 6 to 14 years are asked to wear a tight-fitting face mask (instead of an FFP2 mask).

You don’t have a mask with you? Just ask one of our Welcome Crew at reception – we’re happy to provide a mask free of charge.


Contactless payment and provision of informationContact-free payment and information

Cash isn’t everything: Please use contact-free methods of payment whenever possible. You can use your ATM card (Maestro) or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express, JCB). Payment using Google Pay or Apple Pay is also possible. On request, we can also send you your invoice via email.

You’ll find all kinds of contact-free Vienna recommendations in our digital guest folder. A SuitePad tablet is available in every room.


Feeling sickHealth/illness

Health come first: Please do not travel if you are sick, or if you have or have had contact with someone who is sick.

If you feel ill during your stay with us at The Capri, please contact one of our Welcome Team at reception immediately. We’re here to help!



Flexible booking

Good to know: With us you have the best possible freedom in planning your trip. Our flexible rates also allow short-term cancellation in case you have to change your plans. We’re happy to answer any specific questions and to advise you on the best option to suit your needs.

Our Covid-19 Safe Booking Guarantee: If at the commencement of your trip there are any unexpected official COVID-19-related travel restrictions, or flights cancelled as a result, please contact us as soon as possible. We treat every booking with the greatest possible flexibility and we’re sure to find a joint solution.



With the help of our safety and hygiene measures and your support, nothing stands in the way of a safe and relaxed stay in Vienna. Book here at our best direct-booking price, or send us an obligation-free enquiry. Let yourself be inspired by our hotel The Capri and our sustainable way of econoWE!