The Viennese Cobenzl

Actually two mountains: the Cobenzl

View Vienna

In Vienna you can walk to heaven: “Am Himmel” (“On Heaven”) is a small rise with a fantastic view of the city. This divine piece of ground is not only a popular destination for excursions, but also an almost mystical place: behind the Oktokon restaurant is a tree circle with 40 “trees of life”. Here nature seekers can find out the characteristics of their own personal tree of life, and draw their own conclusions. What might sound strange to some can be a lot of fun on a sunny Sunday afternoon!

“… the lovely view of Vienna from the Cobenzl, but I have to walk for an hour and a half to my baroness to give her piano lessons…” In the summer of 1781 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart stayed as a guest of Count Cobenzl in his castle. Unfortunately in those days there wasn’t a bus…

You can get to “Heaven” on foot

in 15 minutes from the Cobenzl. What the residents of Vienna refer to as the Cobenzl is actually two mountains: the Latisberg and the Reisenberg. The two hills were given their name by Count Johann Philipp Cobenzl. He bought the land in the middle of the Wienerwald in the 18th century, opened his property to the public, and, thanks to his dairy, became so well-known that the hills were soon known only as the Cobenzl. The agriculturally-inclined count resided appropriately in a castle on his estate. After his death, however, it changed owners several times and was eventually left to decay. It was only in the 1980s that it was rebuilt in baroque style.

Cobenzl restaurant

 House on the mountain

 Vine struts Cobenzl

What made Count Cobenzl successful 300 years ago is carried on today – in a slightly different form – on the Cobenzl: the City of Vienna manages a well-tended farm. The typical Viennese wines which are pressed at the Weingut Cobenzl winery are among the city’s best; they can be tasted as part of a guided tour of the vineyards and cellars. And so that young visitors don’t get bored in the meantime, there is a children’s farm conveniently located right next-door on the Landgut Cobenzl farm. With over 100 animals there’s plenty of variety, from goats and chickens to rabbits and dogs; here everyone can enjoy their own kind of heaven!

Text: Kornelia Kopf, Fotos: Christine Wurnig