Vienna Markets

Imperial residence at that time, today seat of the Federal President


How do you describe a place where the aromas of sweet fruit, pungent spices, and freshly prepared dishes caress the nose? A place where your eyes can’t get enough of the many delights on display? The Naschmarkt is the largest of Vienna’s markets, and without doubt the most popular. Here wares from all over the world and every corner of Austria are bought, sold and traded.

“Markets come and go, spring up as if  by magic and disappear again – markets are, above all, alive.” The journalist Katharina Kurz on Vienna’s markets.

But the Naschmarkt is much more than just a(n) (inter)national food marked: it is a living space. The people of Vienna meet in the trendy restaurants and bars, enjoy the good food and the atmosphere, they enjoy seeing and being seen. On Saturdays at the flea market at the Naschmarkt they rummage for real rarities amongst the junk. The Naschmarkt is legendary and, since its relocation with the covering of the Wienfluss river at the end of the 19th century, constantly in motion. 

 Visited market

Naschmarkt in Vienna

 Fruits and vegetables stand

But it’s not the only market in Vienna

There is, for example, the Brunnenmarkt in Ottakring, centre of Vienna’s Turkish community and its favourite shopping area. At its eastern end on Yppenplatz a hip and colourful restaurant and café scene has grown up: seeing and being seen is becoming more important here too. Nevertheless the neighbourhood and the market have managed to keep their authentic character. Not far from the Capri the Karmelitermarkt in the traditional Jewish quarter is experiencing a renaissance: speciality stalls sell selected products from guaranteed sources, and the small cafés and restaurants carefully prepare their (organic) dishes. At the Karmelitermarkt you’ll meet people who want to live sustainably. Yes, every market in Vienna is different

Text: Verena Brandtner, Fotos: Christine Wurnig