Wining and dining in style

Enjoy in the most beautiful restaurants in Vienna

Cake counter in the cafe Central

For the Viennese architect Adolf Loos the function of architecture was not to be art, but to create living spaces. And living spaces are also spaces for physical well-being, for good food and fine drinks.

Loos himself designed a bar in the city centre

The small “American Bar” – nowadays also known as the Loos Bar – was designed in 1908 and inspired by the time the architect spent in America.

“Architecture doesn’t belong among the arts. Anything which serves a purpose is to be excluded from the kingdom of art!” The Viennese architect Adolf Loos, 1921.

Mirrored surfaces enlarge the room optically, wood and brass shine, and the bar lighting is reflected in the glass. There’s hardly a place you can enjoy a cocktail in more style than in the “mother of all bars”.

In stark contrast to Loos’ architecture are the elaborately ornamented buildings of the Wiener Jugendstil (Viennese art-nouveau). Here the Palmenhaus (palm house) in the Burggarten is one of the best spots to indulge yourself in style.

The over 100-metre-long structure with its huge glass surfaces was awoken from more than 100 years of slumber in 1998. With its ten-metre-high palm trees and overlooking the neighbouring Schmetterlingshaus (butterfly house), the former private garden of the Emperor is not only a culinary highlight.

 American bar outside

Enjoy palm house inside

 The loft with a view over Vienna

And for those who cannot get enough of such architectural-culinary

Vienna is best experienced at leisure: for example in the famous Café Central, with its columns, magnificent paintings and fine patisserie, which is worth every sip of mocha! Or the iconic Café Prückel with its original ‘fifties features – a must for retro fans! And then of course there’s the Café.Restaurant.HALLE in the heritage-protected former Emperor’s gallery in the MuseumsQuartier, or the glamourously opulent Rote Bar (Red Bar) in the Volkstheater… That’s right, there are plenty of historical spaces to marvel at and enjoy in Vienna. They are lively and they delight – just as Loos had wished.

Text: Nina Lucia Groß, Fotos: Christine Wurnig