Sustainability at The Capri hotel

We think before we act: your ecological hotel in Vienna

For us, sustainability means much more than just acting in an environmentally friendly way:

We believe sustainability is linked to mindfulness, and mindfulness means we think before we act.
When we make decisions, we do not only consider economic factors; social and environmental factors, as well as health and safety impact are equally important.

Das Capri - the first hotel in Vienna with a Common Good Balance SheetCommon Good Balance Sheet

A big, exciting step forward for us – in 2018 we discovered the Economy for the Common Good as a philosophy perfectly suited to The Capri, and set about drawing up our first Common Good Balance Sheet. This makes us the first hotel in Vienna to have rated their company according to the demanding criteria which take into account human dignity, solidarity, ecological sustainability and social justice. Our goal:
a good life for everyone!

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Das Capri - Certified with the Austrian EcolabelThe Austrian Ecolabel

The Capri has been certified with the Austrian Ecolabel since 2005. The criteria for the award include all ecologically relevant aspects of a tourism operation: from waste management to energy saving measures, from sustainable foodstuffs to environmentally friendly accessibility. We’ve successfully fulfilled the Ecolabel’s demanding requirements and have made environmental friendliness and sustainability the basis of our corporate philosophy.

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EU Ecolabel

Since 2015, we’ve been one of just seven hotels in Vienna certified with the EU Ecolabel, the European certificate of environmental excellence. Only companies which comply with the strict criteria of the “life-cycle approach” – taking into account the environmental impact of a product or service’s use, manufacture and disposal – are allowed to display the “EU Flower”.

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Our staff

Our employees are our most valuable resource. We do our best to make sure they’re happy by giving them the appreciation and trust they need, so that they can be great hosts. That’s why we’ve asked each of them to tell you about their favourite place in Vienna. You can discover these in our photo gallery in the staircase.


Since Georg Pastuszyn took over the hotel from his parents in 2008, it’s been modernised step by step. We took care to preserve the original structure, and made sure we used regional materials and local builders and service providers. A major renovation is still pending – but we’ll make sure we treat our hotel’s distinctive features very carefully.

Energy and water

We’re very proud to be the first hotel in Austria to use an air source heat pump system to warm and cool the whole building and provide hot water. Heat taken from one room can be used to warm another one. Water that’s the main element in conventional heating and cooling systems isn’t used.

The only energy sources we need for operation are water and electricity.

Of course we’re also careful about water consumption, and have installed water-saving taps and toilet flushing in all our rooms. For lighting, we switched to energy-saving LED lightbulbs several years ago, and the whole building is equipped with power-saving switches which also improve the quality of light. The refrigerators in all of our rooms are eco-certified.

Food and drink 

The quality of the food we serve is extremely important to us. We rely on local producers and products (except coffee and tea), and set store in fair trade and organically grown food – where it makes sense. Nevertheless, regionality and support for small producers are more important to us than eco-labels. For example, our delicious fruit juices come from a small farmer outside Vienna. He cultivates his fruit according to organic principles, but can’t afford the expensive eco-label. But we think you can taste the quality!

Cleaning and hygiene

We use as little plastic as possible for bathroom items, and utilise eco-certified products. The hotel premises are cleaned as far as possible with environmentally friendly cleaning products, and we use a dosing system for cleaners.

Ökotaxi 40100

For our guests we only book environmentally friendly vehicles from the 40100 Taxi company’s Ökotaxi fleet. Toyota Prius and Tesla cars make sure you have a safe, fast and eco-friendly trip.

Experience Vienna and ethical travel – ask for a no-obligation room quote at The Capri, Vienna’s green hotel!