EU Ecolabel

The Capri – internationally environmentally friendly since 2014

Better for you, better for the environment. This accomodation has been awarded the EU Ecolabel.There are only seven hotels in Vienna which carry the EU Ecolabel, the European Union’s certificate of environmental excellence. And we’ve been one of them since 2014!

The label recognises products and services which have less impact on the environment than comparable ones. It covers the full scope: the quality of air, water and soil, the production of waste, the consumption of resources and energy, noise pollution, right up to the protection of biodiversity.

In 2014, we satisfied the demanding criteria of the “life-cycle approach” for the first time. We underwent the process again in 2019, and we’re pleased to be certified with the EU Ecolabel once again.

EU Ecolabel for The Capri: Progression 2014-2019


We’re especially proud of the fact that we were able to significantly improve our rating within just five years. In 2014, we already exceeded the minimum requirement of 20 points, with 24. In 2019, we over-fulfilled the requirements for the award by 135 %!

One label, many criteria

The EU Ecolabel takes into account the entire life cycle of a product or service. It looks at the environmental impact of use, manufacture and disposal. Only companies whose product meets the strict criteria of the life-cycle approach can display the “EU Flower”.

The criteria for tourism providers are divided into five categories:

  1. General administration
    Here our communication with both our guests and our staff are at the forefront. We strive to inform our guests about our environmental measures, and we also ask for their active assistance – for example, by using towels several times. We welcome feedback and suggestions. Sustainable operation would also be impossible without the efforts of our staff. To support their commitment, we provide information and training on sustainability.
  2. Energy
    Our building is entirely thermally insulated. Our innovative air-to-air heating pump heats, cools and prepares hot water. The temperature in public spaces is controlled separately; guests can control the temperature in their rooms within a certain range, with 22°C set as the default. As a matter of principle, we use energy sparingly. To this end, we rely on LED lighting, energy-saving switches and energy-efficient models for all of our electrical appliances. 100 % of the electricity used at The Capri comes from European hydropower.
  3. Water
    All of our rooms are equipped with water-saving taps and toilet cisterns. Our air-to-air heat pump functions completely without water – the main cooling and heating element in conventional systems.
  4. Waste and wastewater
    Refuse separation is a matter of course – refuse avoidance is the next step. Here we’re making constant progress, and there’s plenty of potential, especially when it comes to food. There are no portion packs at our breakfast buffet (with the exception of diet and diabetic products). 80 % of our beverage selection comes in returnable containers.
  5. Other
    This category includes further ecological and social measures such as:
    » Non-smoker protection – smoking is strictly prohibited in the whole building.
    » Food from regional producers – 85 % of ours is.
    » The promotion of environmentally friendly transportation – excellent links to public transport, and eco-taxis for our guests.

About the EU Ecolabel

EU Ecolabel,

The EU Ecolabel was established in 1992 as a cross-border, uniform tag for environmentally friendly products. Tourism providers have been certified since 2000. It can be applied in all EU countries as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The criteria are developed by the EU member states together with the European Commission, and are regularly revised. In Austria, it’s the responsibility of the Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism. Certification is voluntary, and in Europe over 40,000 products carry the label.

Thanks to its distinctive logo, the EU Ecolabel is often nicknamed the “EU Flower”.